Various 3rd side of the record - compilation one

The Third Side offers a promising new way to look at the conflicts around us. The Third Side is the community – us – in action protecting our most precious interests in safety and well-being. It suggests ten practical roles any of us can play on a daily basis to stop destructive fighting in our families, at work, in our schools, and in the world. Each of our individual actions is like a single spider web, fragile perhaps but, when united with others, capable of halting the lion of war. Although the Third Side is in its infancy in our modern-day societies, it has been used effectively by simpler cultures for millennia to reduce violence and promote dialogue.

The campaign included displaying the Dagen H logo on various commemorative items, including milk cartons and underwear . [4] [8] Swedish television held a contest for songs about the change; the winning entry was "Håll dig till höger, Svensson" ('Keep to the right, Svensson ') written by Expressen journalist by Peter Himmelstrand [1] and performed by The Telstars . [9]

It supports the pursuit of greater egalitarianism in society through action to increase the distribution of skills, capacities and productive endowments while rejecting income redistribution as the means to achieve this. [9] It emphasizes commitment to balanced budgets , providing equal opportunity combined with an emphasis on personal responsibility , decentralization of government power to the lowest level possible, encouragement of public–private partnerships , improving labour supply , investment in human development , protection of social capital and protection of the environment. [10]

Various 3rd Side Of The Record - Compilation OneVarious 3rd Side Of The Record - Compilation OneVarious 3rd Side Of The Record - Compilation OneVarious 3rd Side Of The Record - Compilation One